How to Sell - 5 Steps to Selling

How to Sell - 5 Steps to Selling

  1. Register & Log in
  2. Enter a Horse​​
  • Entry fee two options:
  1.  £100 + 5% Commission​
  2.  £200 + 0% Commission

  3. Pay your Entry Fee 

  • The collection will be live on the site before the start of the auction.
  • EQUAH will be the link between buyer and seller throughout the sale process, coordinating any vetting's, viewings or queries.

  4. Post Successful Auction sale:

  • Commission fee of 5% on the sale price or as otherwise agreed. Once payment has been successfully recieved, EQUAH will exchange the buyers details with the seller.
  • The Seller issues an invoice for the lot sale price to the buyer directly.

   5. Congratulations your sale has completed successfully, Contact us to sign up your next lot!

For full Seller Information please see our T&C's or contact us.


Media Requirements for showcasing your lot

As a minimum please send the below:

  • Profile picture (Taking a suitable photograph in an open stance).
  • Head shot (Take a good head shot of horse, looking alert with ears pricked forward).
  • Showcase video (approx. 1 minute)
  • Walk/trot in a straight line, away from the camera and coming back.
  • Walk/trot in a straight line, side on to the camera in both directions.

For guidance on photos and videos please see the below:

  • We advise not to crop your pictures as this affects the format.
  • For best results take your pictures and videos in landscape and in HD only.
  • Background- preferably a tidy, solid neutral background e.g. a wall or hedge
  • Preferably standing on a hard surface

Suitable pictures of: pictures of head, profile left and right, general, leg position and feet and any possible scars or remarks for example sarcoids.

The more you can show, the better!

Any issues at all you can send directly to us via WhatsApp to upload or get in touch.

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