Quality of Horses


Jan 24, 2023

A Quality Line Up

Our team always aims to offer excellent horses in our auctions. Kicking off our first auction of the year, we have supported owners with guidance and help on supplying high-quality media as well as detailed descriptions of each horse, to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. We've also been on the road visiting sellers and horses, which enables our team to offer great insight on these horses (see examples below). If you need support or advice with creating your advert, we're here to help!

The clock is ticking, if you've been thinking about submitting your horse, now is the time to do so!

Live bidding will take place between 10th - 12th February.

What Happens After I Have Entered?

After you have entered your horse and your Lot has been approved, your horse will go live in our February catalogue which will be published online 1st February. Once live, prospective buyers may wish to come and see your horse or arrange a vetting. This can be carried out from the moment the catalogue is published to when the auction closes on Sunday 12th February at 8pm. Our team will be in contact to help facilitate this as well as put you in touch with any prospective buyers too. For more information for sellers, please take a look here.

How Can I Submit My Horse?

Entering your horse for our next auction is simple! Firstly you will need an account on our website. Head to www.EQUAH.auction, then select 'Enter A Horse' from the menu bar at the top. 

Complete the form you are directed to and follow the steps to create your Lot.

If you have any questions about the auction process, our team are on hand to support or visit our T&C's page here. 

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